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Microscan is capable of providing the following services:

  • Infrastructure Services:
  • The Infrastructure Provider license (IP1) by the Government of India allows Microscan to provide dark fiber & wavelength services, Right of Way, Duct space and Towers on lease/sale basis to licensed mobile & telecom providers. Microscan being certified importers and exporters, by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India allows us to import the highly specialized equipment for the fiber network.

  • Cloud Video Services:
  • Microscan offers End-to-End Wholesale Over The Top Platform and offers Video Head end as a service for international OTT Providers. Microscan has direct Content Delivery Network peering & content aggregation to facilitate international delivery of Indian channels at the prime time of the destination country.

  • Internet Services:
  • High Capacity Business Class Internet leased line services on the dedicated fiber backbone & internet peering with major service providers and data centers ensures the internet access will not be a bottleneck for your business operations. Business can ensure reliable throughput be it, e-mail, social media, internet research , using collaboration tools with own offices, customers or suppliers. or availing of third party cloud services. The 100% peering arrangement with providers like Akamai, Google , Limelight ensures good performance esp of popular video content, software updates and data content.

  • Network Operations & Maintenance Services:
  • The 24x7 NOC monitors and maintains the network for continuous operations, while the redundant architecture ensure non stop working the 24x7 monitoring team ensures the primary failures and quickly rectified. These services can be availed by the customers for their leased network as well.

  • MPLS VPN services:
  • based on Carrier Ethernet Technology using MEF certified products using the latest generation metro area transport technology. MPLS VPN allows you to decide the amount of bandwidth you need to support your applications within your budget now with the assurance that it can scale in the future from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. The Business Ethernet solutions include E-Line, Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), and Ethernet Private LAN (E-LAN). With support for Layer 2 point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint topologies. The 247 network management on the redundant ring architecture ensures high availability requirement of today's business environment.


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