Media Services

“Any content – Any source – Any screen – Any time – Anywhere”

Managed Video Infrastructure

Skandha provides next generation Video Infrastructure Services and end-to-end Headend facility including Satellite Downlink, IRDs, Transcoding & Multi-CDN Origin Setup over the state-of-the-art infrastructure & designed for high-performance video services (Broadcast & Internet Video delivery).

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Managed Video Platform

Any content – Any source – Any screen – Any time – Anywhere

Managed Video Platform includes end-to-end Cloud SDP, CDP and Payment Solution. Skandha offers Managed Services to the operators and broadcasters via hosted infrastructure & VIMS services team.

Remote NOC - Infra Management Service

Skandha Video Infrastructure Management is designed to offer 24/7 video service & technology monitoring support. The offering includes a combination of human talent, processes and monitoring technology ecosystem ensuring end-to-end service SLA and reporting management of the BROADCAST, OTT, MSO or HITS video infrastructure.

The VIMS service offers the highest level of service management through the best-of-breed products and processes, certification, stringent checks, audits and a team of specialized video engineers.

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