“Dedicated high-speed internet bandwidth – Needed for critical business applications”

Internet Leased Lines

Businesses frequently require consistent connectivity to ensure smooth access to resources over the internet. Our Internet Lease Line Solution empowers our customers with dedicated bandwidth ensuring high-speed, reliable, low latency Internet Service that can fulfill your business requirement. Our ILL Solution is bundled with enhanced Security feature through clean pipe option for DDOS attack. Our Fiber optic infrastructure of 1000+ Kms, provides stable and robust connectivity across the geographies in which we operate. We have aggregated capacity from Tier 1 providers ensuring best in-class internet experience.

Bulk Internet Bandwidth

Service providers and operators frequently invest resources in fiber infrastructure to give converged services to its customers. The industry is going through rapid transformation where media and internet is converging on same network. The operators need reliable and high-speed internet bandwidth to serve retail customers with focus on customer experience. Microscan provides bulk internet bandwidth: pure and mixed. 

Peering Solutions

Microscan provides premium network interconnection services. We deliver a world-class peering ecosystem, which allows our partners to constantly grow their customer base and monetize their access to exchanges. We support this by peering with major Internet Exchanges (IX). 

We provide flexibility to ISPs for connecting to our distributed POP locations within Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, which allows ISPs to peer remotely and get interconnect to all the major content providers like Akamai, Limelight, Fastly, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Apple etc. 

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