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Milestone Events

Milestone Events

One of the earliest milestone events for Microscan was the expansion of its network infrastructure to provide high-speed internet access to a wider range of customers through new technologies and infrastructure, including fiber-optic cables, high-capacity routers, and other equipment.

Through all these milestone events, Microscan has remained committed to providing its customers with the best possible internet service, backed by industry-leading technology and unparalleled customer support.

Microscan making waves
Celebrating Our Milestone: 1200+ Installs!

In the month of august, our dedicated sales team achieved an impressive milestone by surpassing 1200+ installations for the first time!

Microscan sponsors Rotary's Green Society Project under DG Manjoo Phadke's leadership, starting on Sept 10th. We promote eco-friendliness, connect societies, and sponsor awards for a greener future.

From industry leaders to technology enthusiasts, visitors from all walks of life have converged here to explore the cutting-edge solutions we're bringing to the table.

Largest trade fair and exhibitions on Broadcasters, Satellite & Cable TV

What our clients say

Xavier Institute of Communications (2) (1).png
Rajendra Thopate, IT Admin, Xavier Institute of Communications

Our institution depends on connectivity for critical cloud-based processes like ERP and attendance management. I am more than satisfied with the attitude and professionalism of the support staff during problem resolution, and I proudly advocate Microscan as the premier choice for an Internet Service Provider in Mumbai. I would like to commend their tireless commitment to service standards. 

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