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An uninterrupted learning journey with bespoke schooling solutions



With esteemed institutions like St. Xavier’s College, Hiranandani Foundation School and Oberoi International School as our clientele, rest assured that your online education requirements can be met with Microscan’s services. Video-based lectures, attendance reports and test scores along with connectivity for distance learning are just some of the many use cases for our solutions.

Solutions Delivered for

Training Center
Coaching Classes

Our Solutions 

Point to Multipoint - Microscan provides flexible and scalable MPLS networks with a bandwidth of up to 1.2 Tbps in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations, owing to organizations needing express connectivity between branches to maximize efficiency and productivity. Our pre-connected infrastructure between major Datacenters & Cable Landing Stations enables us to connect customers pan India directly.

Our Key Customers

Hiranandani School
oberoi international school
Xaviers College
Xavier Institute of Communications
Xavier Institute of Communications
Rajendra Thopate, IT Admin, Xavier Institute of Communications

Our institution depends on connectivity for critical cloud-based processes like ERP and attendance management. I am more than satisfied with the attitude and professionalism of the support staff during problem resolution, and I proudly advocate Microscan as the premier choice for an Internet Service Provider in Mumbai. I would like to commend their tireless commitment to service standards.

Xavier Institute of Communications
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