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Our Green Footprint


Eco-Friendly Leadership

Embark on a journey with Microscan, where sustainability meets heartfelt commitment under the visionary guidance of Sandeep Donde. This page tells the story of our passion for environmental conservation and community upliftment, showcasing how our eco-friendly initiatives are making a real difference. Feel the impact of our dedication to a greener future, and see how we are fostering meaningful change through responsible corporate social responsibility.

Elets IBS award 2024
Elets IBS
~Elets IBS Awards 2024

Microscan is honored to receive the Brand of the Year award in the Brand Rejuvenation category at the Elets India Brand Summit & Awards 2024. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence in marketing and branding, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

'It is important to market a product, but it is crucial to market the brand.'

Rotary Green Society Project
Microscan proudly supports the Rotary Green Society Project, which fosters eco-friendly practices and strengthens community ties. Our involvement in this initiative underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
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Rotary green society
EcoKaari Partnership
EcoKaari Partnership
Microscan collaborates with EcoKaari to reduce plastic waste by supporting the creation of upcycled products. This partnership empowers local artisans while promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.
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Jhappi Collaboration 
Through our collaboration with Jhappi, Microscan supports Indian NGOs by providing sustainable, handmade gifts. This initiative not only helps reduce waste but also uplifts communities and promotes eco-friendly practices.
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Jhappi Collaboration

Diwali with EcoKaari: Upcycling for Change

Our key customers

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Our happy customers

A Visual Journey of Eco and Social Projects

Microscan Honored as Platinum Sponsor at Rotary Green Expo 2024 by DG Manjoo Phadke. The event featured talks on solar, water, waste management, and plantation, along with Green Awards.

Honored to win 2023 CSR Journal Award for Social Welfare & Growth. Mr. Sandeep Donde acknowledged for impactful contributions to social impact and sustainability.

Jhappi Collabration 

Our corporate gifts, in collaboration with Jhappi, a social enterprise supporting Indian NGOs, symbolize our shared journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Microscan sponsors Rotary's Green Society Project, led by DG Manjoo Phadke, fostering eco-friendly practices, community ties, and awards for sustainability.

I have a very good experience with Microscan in Wagholi (Pune) area. The service executives are great and they resolve the issues quickly. The service is reliable and I am really happy that my housing society has a Microscan broadband installation.

Tushar Shinde

Tushar Shinde


We have seen a visible improvement in customer support recently. It is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Shirish Deoghare

Shirish Deoghare


I would say Microscan is one of the best broadband services I have used. I have been using a 20 Mbps connection for about 8 months now, which is sufficient for me. Like other providers, sometimes they do have issues, but I have observed that they are keen to fix it. Keep up the good work.

Gangji Choudhary_edited.jpg

Gangji Choudhary

Navi Mumbai

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