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Life @Microscan

Our Vibrant Work Culture

Life at Microscan is more than just work, it's a dynamic and vibrant community where employees come together to celebrate festivals, events, and create lasting memories. From team-building activities to charity events, Microscan fosters a positive work culture that prioritizes both personal and professional growth. Join us on a journey through some of the exciting moments that make life at Microscan truly special.


Holi Celebration
Women's Day Celebration
New Office Inauguration
Republic Day 2024

Microscan Journey 2023

Employee Corner

Where purpose meets opportunity
Shivaji Dhole

Assistant Manager – Network, 6 years

I work in a great team that is cooperative and able to handle various projects. My colleagues and senior members of the team are helpful and supportive, and there are no limitations to the tasks we can take on. My technical job role involves troubleshooting, and I have the freedom to work in any area.

Shivaji Dhole

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