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Microscan delivers the most reliable & extensive connectivity to our customers by deploying a state-of-art network infrastructure equipped with the latest technology and process innovation. We have proudly served Enterprise customers across all industry verticals for over 20 years. Our solutions range from providing Internet Services to Multiple Tier-1 IP upstream providers, cloud & managed services, and optimized content delivery to Enterprise Customers, OTT providers, Service Providers, and Home Broadband Users. Explore what we have to offer for your business depending on your industry/ vertical.  

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For Service Providers

Point to Point Solutions | Microscan

Carrier / Service Provider

In the Telecom industry, carriers and internet service providers are essential players. Carriers are responsible for constructing and maintaining the telecom infrastructure that enables internet access, while service providers specialize in delivering this access to customers.

The collaboration between carriers and service providers is crucial because, without it, internet access would not be possible. Our experienced teams in the Telecom industry ensure excellent service delivery for all fiber-based network projects. Choose Microscan for the stability your customers require, backed by our uptime guarantee.

Our Solutions 

Fiber Solutions - Microscan offers Dark Fiber and Lit Capacity services for licensed holders, providing dedicated and secure fiber optic infrastructure. With Dark Fiber, customers have control over their network architecture, while Lit Capacity services offer managed and scalable connectivity solutions. Microscan ensures reliable and efficient data transmission for licensed holders' connectivity needs.

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