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Hybrid work

Work from anywhere without compromising on security with our reliable and Secure VPN

Hybrid work

Hybrid work

“Hybrid work” is the reality in today’s world with the workforce scattered around the globe. Security, uninterrupted access to data & customer as well employee satisfaction remains a challenge. Our connectivity solutions along with secured Internet solutions, VPN and in-built QoS to separate audio/video and data traffic allows our customers to implement hybrid work policies seamlessly.

Fortitude, while working from home with 

High Bandwidth
Secure Access Service Edge Endpoint
Secured Access

Our Key Customers

Mumbai metro
Ranjeet Kundra, Marketing Manager, Spacecom

We are working with microscan from more than 7 years, the team overall is very nice and very efficient from top management to the lower management everyone is hard working, everyone is working towards working the motto of the company to become the best ISP in India.

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