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CSR Initiatives

 Building a Sustainable Future

Explore the impactful journey of Sandeep Donde, MD & CEO of Microscan, as he's acknowledged for his significant contributions to CSR initiatives. This special feature highlights the culmination of his dedicated efforts in creating a lasting positive impact on society. Discover how Microscan, under Donde's leadership, has played a key role in shaping a sustainable future. The page serves as a testament to Donde's vision and the collective commitment to meaningful change, showcasing the significant work done in the realm of corporate social responsibility.

A Visual Journey of Eco and Social Projects

Microscan Honored as Platinum Sponsor at Rotary Green Expo 2024 by DG Manjoo Phadke. The event featured talks on solar, water, waste management, and plantation, along with Green Awards.

Honored to win 2023 CSR Journal Award for Social Welfare & Growth. Mr. Sandeep Donde acknowledged for impactful contributions to social impact and sustainability.

Jhappi Collabration 

Our corporate gifts, in collaboration with Jhappi, a social enterprise supporting Indian NGOs, symbolize our shared journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Microscan sponsors Rotary's Green Society Project, led by DG Manjoo Phadke, fostering eco-friendly practices, community ties, and awards for sustainability.

CSR Journal Excellence Awards 2023


The CSR Award 2023
Social Welfare & Growth Award

Managing Director & CEO, Mr. Sandeep Donde has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to Social Welfare & Growth award for Championing Social Impact & Sustainability in 2023.


Life at Microscan






We believe in working in an environment that suits each teammate, makes them feel comfortable and encourages them to become a better version of themselves at work and beyond. 

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