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Smart city

Smarter network infrastructure to future-proof our lives


Smart city

Microscan plays an important role in India’s Smart cities initiative with the focus on inclusive and sustainable growth for the country. Innovation is the cornerstone for smart-City initiatives & Microscan is right there on the front-lines in this battle. We, at Microscan, truly believe “Technology is a means & not the goal” by keeping the community at the core and convergence at the center of it.

Delivering a better future with 

Managed CCTV
Command Center
Smart Lighting
Good Governance
Smart Traffic 
& Parking
SMC Global Securities Ltd
IT Manager, SMC Global Securities Ltd.

Microscan’s immaculate fiber network supported by multiple paths is a boon to any clientele on the hunt for stable, secure and reliable Internet connectivity. The swift installation process ensures that Microscan is a service provider I can recommend to anyone looking for a hassle-free experience.

SMC Global Securities Ltd
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