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Cloud services

Pay as you grow with our cloud services that include consulting, deployment & management

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Cloud services

Microscan’s cloud consulting services help organizations choose the right mix of cloud environments across platforms of Windows, Linux at Azure, AWS with DevOps and Security support. We Provide end-to-end consultancy services including cloud migration and security services for maximum RoI by reducing Total Cost of Ownership in line with the necessary compliances.

Robust Future ready solutions 

Hybrid Cloud
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Consultancy
Software as a Service 
Cloud Security
Cloud Migration

Our Key Customers

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Rajendra Thopate, IT Admin, Xavier Institute of Communications

Our institution depends on connectivity for critical cloud-based processes like ERP and attendance management. I am more than satisfied with the attitude and professionalism of the support staff during problem resolution, and I proudly advocate Microscan as the premier choice for an Internet Service Provider in Mumbai. I would like to commend their tireless commitment to service standards.

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