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Milestone Events

Milestone Events

One of the earliest milestone events for Microscan was the expansion of its network infrastructure to provide high-speed internet access to a wider range of customers through new technologies and infrastructure, including fiber-optic cables, high-capacity routers, and other equipment. Through all these milestone events, Microscan has remained committed to providing its customers with the best possible internet service, backed by industry-leading technology and unparalleled customer support.

Microscan making waves
Holi Celebration

Relive the joyous moments of our Holi celebration, where we splashed colors as one family, creating joyful memories together.

Women's Day Celebration

Capturing the essence of our Women's Day celebration, filled with great bonding and unforgettable moments.

New Office Inauguration

We officially inaugurated our new office alongside our partners TheCSRJournal and PlayboxTV

Republic Day 2024

Dive into the vibrant world of Microscan as we celebrate Republic Day with an energetic workforce and spontaneous cheers!

Delighted customer moments

What our clients say

Xavier Institute of Communications  2_ed
Rajendra Thopate, IT Admin, Xavier Institute of Communications

Our institution depends on connectivity for critical cloud-based processes like ERP and attendance management. I am more than satisfied with the attitude and professionalism of the support staff during problem resolution, and I proudly advocate Microscan as the premier choice for an Internet Service Provider in Mumbai. I would like to commend their tireless commitment to service standards. 

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