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Mr. Chandrashekhar Mahant

Director of Operations

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Chandrashekhar Mahant

As COO, Mr. Mahant oversees the technical operations of the organization, setting high-quality benchmarks and ensuring their meticulous implementation. He has a deep understanding of the applications of electrical designs and engineering in the IT & Telecom sector and has used his expertise to help the organization achieve new heights in project management and safety procedures.

With his strong leadership skills, Mr. Mahant has been able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Microscan's business operations. His contributions have been critical in helping the organization meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry and maintain its position as a leader in the field.

Under Mr. Mahant's leadership, Microscan has continued to innovate and develop new solutions that meet the needs of its clients. He is committed to building a culture of excellence within the organization and ensuring that every employee has the support and resources they need to succeed.


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Entrepreneur of the year

Managing Director, Mr. Sandeep Donde has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the year at the CXO awards 2022.
The CXO club, founded in 2016 and is an elite business network with thousands of CXOs across a breadth of industries.

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