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Unveiling the Triumph Within: Journey of woman empowerment

I get inspired by my own journey as a successful career woman in corporate.


Yes, I am selling myself which we usually forget or don't tend to do, thinking how can I brag about my achievements. 🤔 My career journey started at the age of 30 unlike normal WOMANIYA with big degrees of MBAs, IIMs etc. in their early 20s. It was very difficult to get absorbed in a very young lot of graduates or undergraduates but was lucky enough to get great mentors and leaders who taught me at every stage of my amazing journey. I will not hesitate in making a statement that I learned a lot both at professional and personal level specially by my female bosses as being of same gender they used to be very candid in giving guidance and feedback on my improvement areas.

I Want to share few important learnings from my 24 years of career:

1.Self care

Having a great self-care routine is vital for ensuring a successful career. Looking after your health should be your number one priority, before anything or anyone else. Being the best version of yourself really helps you support other people better.



This one critical aspect, we as women tend to ignore and prefer to work in strict 9 am to 6 pm routine. Being in corporate we need to try and attend networking events and build connections. Being in touch and nurture corporate relationships is very critical for everyone.


3.Get Involved

Actively support the vision of your organization and share your supportive views also voice out where you disagree with anything which you feel is not constructive and helpful for organizations growth.


4.Speak Up

As a women, we need to speak up and share our opinions, ideas and thoughts. We need to be brave enough to talk in meetings and not be just a silent attendee.


5.Comfort Zone

We as women get scared of change and end up staying in our lovely, safe comfort zone.

We feel bad about leaving our colleagues or our team. We must believe in bigger opportunities outside our comfort zone and not hesitate in exploring them for our own growth.

I might still struggle with my basic laptop configurations but can still conquer the world in my own area of work. 

Remember, creating a better workplace for women involves ongoing efforts and a commitment to continuous improvement. Let's all continue striving to make the workplace a more welcoming environment for women because we won't stay small to make others bigger!


Toodles for time being.😊



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