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Next Generation SOC / Cyber Defense Centre

Next Gen SOC

What Is a Next-Generation SOC?

A next-generation SOC means ; information systems in the data center, endpoint and cloud

are being monitored, assessed and defended against

cyberattacks ,while following a methodology and utilizes security automation Technologies like SOAR , UEBA.

Business Benefits:

Best-in-class prevention of cyberattacks

1. Minimal operational expenditures (Opex) – scale the SOC with technology, not people

2. Minimal capital expenditures (Capex) – decommission security point products and replace them with the natively integrated Next-Generation Security Platform

Operational Benefits:

1. Significant shift from manual, human-based processes and event analysis to machine-based

automation, resulting in faster response times

2. Significant decrease in events per analyst hour, resulting in more effective use of human capital

for more sophisticated analysis and threat hunting

Technical Benefits:

1. Simplified security architecture

2. Make actionable use of threat intelligence feeds and subscriptions by automatically blocking

malicious IPs

"The first step towards creating the right security operations center is.."

1. Define all SOC requirements and then develop a roadmap.

2. Determine whether to create an in-house SOC or outsource.

3. Create a process for identifying and stopping threats.

Implement technology that aids and empowers SOC efforts.

4. Logs/user and entity behavior through security information and event management (SIEM) Network traffic through network detection and response (NDR) Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

a) Set Up the Right Team

b) Align Strategy with Business Goals

c) Leverage the Best Tools

d) Enable End-to-End Visibility

e) Continuously Monitor the Network

f) Secure and Patch Vulnerabilities

g) Proactively Mitigate and Address Threats.

5. Accurate Report

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