How to get New Broadband connection?

Process to get secured broadband connection is as follows:
1) Authorized Sales representative will visit your place as per the appointment given. Vovinet Sales representative will explain and finalize tariff plan based on your need.
2) Sales executive will fill up required CAF (Customer application Form) on the Vovinet’s Sales Mobile app.
3) You need to make the necessary payments i.e. Plan amount and Installation charges by either Cash, Cheque, NEFT, Paytm or Credit Card
4) You need to submit following KYC documents along with the CAF
i) Valid Proof of Identity
ii) Valid Proof of Address
5) Post placing the order you will receive a verification call from Vovinet Back office for the confirmation of your personal details: name, address, registered mobile number, email ID and tariff plan.
6) Customer Service Delivery executive will visit your place for installation within 3 working days from the date of registration of CAF (Customer application Form). Post installation, you will get the User name and Password for accessing Vovinet’s Broadband connection.
7) After completion of installation, Vovinet will sent you a welcome letter on your registered e-mail id. Welcome letter consists of all necessary details like Customer ID, Plan details, Subscription renewal / expiry date, Customer support number and Customer portal User name and Password.

How do I know my tariff plan?

You can find your tariff plan by logging into 'My Account' on www.microscan.co.in/vovinet

What is FUP?

Fair usage policy (FUP) is the data usage limit provided to the customer against their plan.

Does Microscan-Vovinet offer me a daily recharge plan?

Microscan-Vovinet only offers monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly plan.

Can I get a copy of bill and statement?

Yes. Please send a request to billing@microscan.co.in

Can I make an online payment?

You can make an online payment through our portal www.microscan.co.in/vovinet

After payment how much time does it take to activate the account?

30mins. It is an automated process.

Can I follow basic trouble shooting steps if my internet is not working?

Yes. Please follow the below steps:
Step 1: Check whether the Internet cable is plugged in correctly
Step 2: Restart the Router In case Internet is still not working
Step 3: Switch off the Router. Unplug all the cables. Wait for 15 seconds. Re-plug the cables and restart the Router
In the case the services are still not working, you can contact us on 022-66871600 or write to us on customersupport@microscan.co.in

Can prepaid customer disconnect the service before subscription expiry?

Yes. However, the remaining balance amount is non-refundable.

Can I ask for payment collection?

Yes. This service is non-chargeable.

Is Microscan-Vovinet having Customer Support services?

Yes. You can contact customer support on 022-66871600 (for Mumbai) & 022-66871700 (for Pune) or write to us on customersupport@microscan.co.in (Operational 8am to 11pm). You can also leave a query in Contact Details Section on this website.