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Think 360-degree Security

10 ways Cyber security will evolve in the Next 5 years

1. Adoption of the GDPR /IDPL [Indian Data Privacy Law]

2. Cloud Security would be the Topmost Priority

3. Shifting focus from Prevention to Protection.

4. Cyber Security Education will be the Key Factor.

5. Implementing a good Risk Management Strategy

6. Get Familiar with Privacy by design

7. More Intelligent to attacks

8. Data Governance and accountability will be more important

9. Incident Response

10. Better Security communications

360-degree approach to cyber security.

PREDICT: Know your risks, understand your attack surface, and identify weak spots.

PREVENT: Minimize attack surface and harden it, hence reduce risk of incidents.

DETECT: Recognize incidents and threats, isolate and contain them.

RESPOND: React to breaches, mitigate the damage, analyze, learn and implement.

10 steps to an effective approach to cyber security

1. Risk management regime. ...

2. Secure configuration. ...

3. Network security. ...

4. Managing user privileges. ...

5. User education and awareness. ...

6. Incident management. ...

7. Malware prevention. ...

8. Monitoring.

9. Removable media controls

10. Keep an Extra eye on Remote users

7 types of cyber security

It can be divided into seven main pillars:

  1. Network Security. Most attacks occur over the network, and network security solutions are designed to identify and block these attacks. ...

  2. Cloud Security

  3. Endpoint Security

  4. Mobile Security

  5. IoT Security

  6. Application Security

  7. Zero Trust

Can AI replace cybersecurity ?

The good news is that while AI might replace cybersecurity jobsthe demand for cybersecurity professionals will not go away current skillsets will simply get replaced with a new set of cybersecurity skills AI will never replace purely human skills such as strategic thinking, leadership, and empathy

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